A secure encryption solution,
needs to be a user-friendly solution.


You are in full control of all your data

  • Cryptify uses a centrally managed method where the KMS, implemented in the Cryptify Management System (CMS), is handled by the organization itself.
  • The CMS operates off-line, i.e. it is not connected to any network, and hence is completely isolated from Internet threats.
  • All communication is protected using end-to-end encryption, i.e. encrypted all the way from the Cryptify Caller Application in the sender device to the Cryptify Caller Application in the recipient device.
  • The authenticity of a user identity is guaranteed by the CMS administrator ensuring that the correct user is provided the enrolment QR code in the Initiation letter.

Security Domains

One CMS = One Security Domain

Interworking of security domains

  • Mutual pairing of domains controlled by the CMSs.
  • Users are informed of paired domains by their CMS.
  • Users can communicate with any user in a paired domain.