About us

Cryptify has established itself as a leading provider of secure voice and messaging applications for mobile phones.
Cryptify provides a user friendly, field-proven and quickly deployed solution to government and enterprise customers who needs to protect sensitive phone conversations.

The innovative Cryptify Call solution is certified for both UK and NATO usage at security level RESTRICTED.
Using Cryptify Call, organisations can create and manage their own cryptographic keys while continue using preferred standard phones like e.g iPhone or different Android models.

Advanced functionality, such as videoconferencing, group messaging, federation of systems, is provided with full end-to-end cryptographic protection and available for on-premises installation to protect your personal data.
Cryptify is based in Sweden and all development is done in-house at the Swedish R&D centre.

Our user community consists exclusively of professionals from military, intelligence, government organisations and similar private and public enterprises. This means that the security is always in center for us and we’ll only add new feature after a careful security assessments.

Cryptify is committed to offer highest possible security using commercial off-the-shelf devices.

Johan Wagné

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Chief Executive Officer
Phone: +46 709 875 879

About Johan..

Johan Wagné has over 30 years of global experience in the Internet and telecommunications industries, working in leadership roles both in technical and the commercial field. Prior to Cryptify, Johan held the position, Head of Secure Communication at Ericsson. Johan has had management roles within the GPRS development and he gained additional international experience as President of Ericsson Hewlett-Packard Telecommunications in Malaysia.

Johan has a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Chalmers University of Technology

Micael Berg

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Chief Operating Officer
Phone: +46 706 764 287

About Micael..

Micael is an entrepreneur of the technology and telecommunications industry. He brings over 20 years of product development, sales and business development experience to this role. Prior to Cryptify, Micael worked at Ericsson as Head of Sales and Business Development in the Secure Communication area. Micael started his career developing products augmenting the mobile networks to, in addition to telephony, also be able to handle IP based services. As such Micael was part of the very first pioneers that started the mobile broadband industry we today take for granted.

Micael has a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology.

Peter Fors

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Nordic Account Manager
Phone: +46 760 41 98 00

About Peter..

Peter Fors has worked for over 35 years in sales and marketing. He has extensive experience with technical solution sales both nationally and globally. Peter has for the past 7 years worked with security services for a Swedish company, as Account manager in the Nordic region and for an American global company, as Key Account Manager within security services for authorities and both national and international companies. In the beginning of his career Peter worked for 3 years at Ericsson AB / EHPT as Customer Project Manager.

Peter has a degree in Market Economics, Systems Development and Programming