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A joint initiative by Cryptify and Serbus to provide a CESG certified secure voice app for your smartphone through a ready-to-go subscription.

Cryptify Comms UK (presentation)

No initial fees, and 30 days termination notice!

Cryptify Comms subscription with on-premises KMS

This subscription combines the capability to maintain exclusive control of all sensitive information whilst still being able to utilise the high availability infrastructure operated by the Cryptify Comms service provider.

With this subscription model the customer is provided Cryptify Management System (CMS) SW for on-premises key management.

The CMS is an intuitive, easy-to-use, administration tool that gives the organisation absolute and exclusive control of all key material. The CMS runs on an offline Windows computer and require no integration into the customer’s IT environment.

Using the on-premises CMS it is possible to create federations with other organisations. The pairing is done through an exchange of a set of public keys between the CMSs. When such pairing is done it is possible to communicate end-to-end encrypted and authenticated with users in the paired domain.

The Cryptify Comms subscription with on-premises KMS includes:

  • Cryptify Call client
  • CMS for on-premises key management
  • UK hosted, high availability CRS service
  • Helpdesk available during office hours for end users and CMS administrator

Monthly price: £ 13 – 33 per user depending on volumes

Cryptify Comms subscription with managed KMS

This subscription offers a highly flexible alternative and is well suited for departments and enterprises that are looking for a fast and simple deployment.

With this model the customer do not need to have processes in place for handling classified information and operational routing since the Cryptify Comms service provider will operate the CMS.

The Basic Cryptify Comms subscription includes:

  • Cryptify Call client and credentials through a QR code
  • KMS (Key Management System) managed by security vetted personnel in a classified environment
  • Access to UK hosted, high availability CRS service
  • Helpdesk available during office hours for end users

Monthly price: £ 33 per user


To place an order please download and fill in the contract template at and email it to

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