Cryptify Call – is now enhanced with full video conferencing capability!

Cryptify’s solution gives own control to the technical platform and contains all the functions expected of a modern digital communication system.
Security is based on End-to-End Encryption (E2EE), which means that content (audio, video, text and attachments) are encrypted all the way from the Cryptify app at the sender to the Cryptify app at the recipient.

Cryptify Call is a well-established solution used by many Swedish and foreign authorities.

Federation of systems is an easy way to configure interworking between Cryptify customer’s systems and thereby enabling secure collaboration between their workforces.

Cryptify Caller Application

Intuitive and secure collaboration between individuals and groups. Everything from simple one-to-one voice calls and messaging to advanced video conferencing and screen sharing.
Cryptify Caller Application can be installed on iPhone, Android and Windows PC

Cryptify Management System

Absolute control of all key material with your own Cryptify Management System. The CMS operates off- line and hence is completely isolated from internet threats.

Input data to the system is either typed in by a administrator or scanned by a barcode reader. Output data is either printed on an attached dedicated printer, or encrypted and burned to a blank DVD/CD.

Cryptify Rendezvous Server

Full sovereignty over the system with your own ”on premise” installation of the Cryptify Rendezvous Server. If you prefer, Cryptify can provide a managed service CRS based in Sweden.

Personal data protected against dominant international tech companies and foreign legislation such as US Cloud Act, Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) etc.

All communication between two Cryptify Caller Applications are encrypted and authenticated end-to-end, i.e. the Rendezvous Server does not have access to unprotected data.

Cryptify Interconnect Gateway

The Cryptify Interconnect Gateway enables an enterprise to connect secure calls to the office PBX, such as Microsoft Lync / Skype for business, or Cisco Call Manager.
In addition to enabling secure calls to and from office/landline numbers, the secure mobile can access available PBX features such as conference calling and voicemail using tone signalling sent from the secure mobile through the gateway.

Windows PC

Windows PC