Secure Chorus

Secure Chorus is a private sector-led initiative which, since 2012, has sought to build a global, interoperable and secure multimedia communications ecosystem for government and enterprise through open standards and co-operation.

Its members are vendors and users of secure communication ranging from governments, supranational organisations and major corporates to SMEs and start-ups.
Secure Chorus also welcomes observers such as academic institutions, regulators, standards organisations and trade associations.

In order to ensure interoperability between Secure Chorus compliant products it specifies the use of a common set of existing security technologies for signalling, media, cryptography and transport protocols.
More specifically the use of MIKEY-SAKKE for key agreement, Secure Real-time Protocol (SRTP) to securely transmit multimedia data, and the well established Advanced Encryption Standard – 128 bit (AES-128) as defined by NIST FIPS 197 in the Galois Counter Mode (AES/GCM) cipher mode of operation, as defined by NIST SP 800-38D